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An Invitation

Last updated on June 14, 2020

In the rush and noise of life, we may not recognize that there is a Voice who calls to us, beckoning to us to stop, turn aside and listen. There are also competing voices that can distract us, lie to us, and detour us off the path of our identity, purpose and destiny. Sometimes, the voice is even our own. 

man walking road of decision
Following His Voice

But there is a Voice who faithfully calls us to draw near, leading us onto the ancient path that brings life, peace, joy and truth.

That Voice is the Holy Spirit of God.

Consider how, through the years, His whispers touched your spirit and soul. Perhaps it was a dream in the night, one that is forever etched in your memory. 

And then, there are ….  the unexplained yearnings of your heart, the unexpected thoughts, the inner pictures or daydreams,  or the “knowings” of your spirit…. that tell you “there is more”.

God’s Spirit may also speak to us through His creation and through the things that make up our everyday life. The Spirit’s beckoning is unique for each one of us, in each season of our life.

I have come to realize that these “whispers” have been a part of the many ways that God’s Spirit has beckoned us to draw near — to ask, to seek, and to knock on the doors of revelation (a revealing of His unseen reality and truth) that He has provided for me  … and for you  … that we may enter through the Door and into God’s kingdom realm — the unseen realm where we find Jesus, the Source of all life and goodness and freedom.

 It is this realm that we were all created to belong to, to experience, to explore, to participate in, side-by-side with our Father, Creator God, and with one another. 

I would love for this blog to be a gathering place for all those who are hungry and thirsty for “the more”. 

There will be some who have already started this journey, and have a passionate desire to go further into unknown, unexplored territory. And there will be others who desire to find the entrance and begin the adventure of a lifetime, of eternity. 

I welcome you all! 

We will explore together the many ways that the Spirit beckons each one of us along the way, and how to respond.

As with any journey into a realm that is beyond our normal human experiences, we will only be able to safely and successfully navigate the way if we understand our need for the Guide provided for us. Spirituality and the spiritual realm were never meant to be a self-guided tour. 

The Guide who has been assigned to us is the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus called the “parakletos”, the One who “comes alongside”. 

In each blog post ahead, we will discuss a different aspect of our journey into and through Heaven’s kingdom realm. I look forward to your honest comments and questions as we walk this journey together.

“Heaven’s kingdom realm is accessible, close enough to touch.”

(Matthew 10:7b, The Passion Translation of the Bible)

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